IQI Membership

Membership dues are $25.00 per year normally collected at the Annual Fall Meeting and good for the following calendar year.  It is preferred that a new member join when or after he/she attends an IQI meeting or IQI Queen rearing class.  We want beekeepers to understand and embrace the IQI philosophy before joining our grass roots movement.

Dues afford members discounts to IQI queen rearing classes and to the annual fall meeting.  Dues are used by the IQI to cover the cost of expenses such as speaker fees, mileage for presenters, and domain & host fees to maintain the IQI web site.  Active membership also keeps beekeepers on the IQI mailing list of information, newsletters, and events.

Class fees vary based on a budget to cover expenses including the cost of the facility, supplies, presenter fees, and lunch expenses.  All of the board positions are volunteer and are a “labor of love”.

Pay your dues with a CC or PayPal

Checks should be made payable to the IQI. Payment should be mailed to the IQI treasurer:

Tim Lindley
11222 Airport Ave.
Greenville, IL. 62246

Membership questions can be directed to Tim at or
(618) 780-3772

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