The IQI is preparing to launch the Queen Exchange Program which will work in much the same manner as the Producer’s Page. The details and actual exchange will be worked out between the parties making the exchange and the IQI website will function solely as a basis of contact between those making exchanges and as a source of info for those willing to advertise their desire to make an exchange(s). Those interested in participating in this Program will need to submit their info to the IQI gmail and it will then be posted on the IQI website. You will need to submit your name, contact info, and a description of what you are offering to exchange. If you are looking for something in particular, please include that also. If offering locally adapted or survivor stock, or bees of a known strain (such as VSH, Carniolan, Buckfast, etc.); some form of recordkeeping should be in place to back up any claims made. This should also hold true for anyone advertising on the Producer’s Page. Info should be detailed, but short and to the point. Your info will then be listed on a secure webpage accessible only by other current IQI members. The webpage is currently under construction and current members will receive login info when it becomes available. Further details will be posted on the Queen Exchange Page on the IQI website. The purpose of this program is to enhance genetics by preventing inbreeding, create genetic diversity, and to introduce desirable traits among IQI members. This program will only be available to current IQI members. All exchanges will need to have had parent colonies examined within the previous 90 days in accordance with the IDOA regs in the Bees and Apiaries Act.

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